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Tight Stitches,

Thank you for the lesson on smoothers, that is chapter and verse and I will print it out and save it. I am so grateful for your movies on channeling, insoling and attaching thread to a bristle. They are the summit and have helped more than I can find words to say! I've also saved your articles from askandyaboutclothes.com on shoes. Image

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Re: Turnshoes

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Thanks for the kind words.

No "lesson" was intended--just idle ramblings and observations.

I've about given up on all these clothing forums. The memberships are predominately fan boys and "brand wonks." They don't really care about quality or what constitutes quality. Just what they paid...for bragging rights...and what the brand name is--safety in numbers.

As for the video clips...glad to be of help.

PS...it's "DW", BTW--the "Tight Stitches" bit is more admonition than moniker.

Tight Stitches

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