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Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 7:28 am
by admin
Today I have added two new topics/forums to the Crispin Colloquy.

The first is a reprise of the "Rules of the Road" as who should say--the terms of use that every member agreed to when they registered. This is just for reference and no posting is allowed in that subforum. It is functionally a "sticky"--a notice posted on the bulletin board--like "wash your hands before retuning to work!". :crackup:

The second, is a help forum where questions and answers about how to use the forum and the editing window and how to post photos or links, etc., can be found.

Every effort will be made to make using the Crispin Colloquy as painless as possible and personal attention will be given to everyone who is struggling or confused.

Re: Additions/upgrades

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:51 pm
by admin
Another round of upgrades--to the latest version of the forum software, phpBB3.2.

Some minor visual features that have been a part of The Crispin Colloquy since its inception over 15 years ago, such as the sidebar are now gone. Quick links(at the top left hand corner takes over much of the sidebar functionality.

Some enhancements, both visual and purely functional, have been added although most of them will be invisible.

One such enhancement (and one of the primary reasons for the upgrade) is the move to "responsiveness." This means that the forum will scale to different platforms...including smartphones.

Some kinks may still need to be worked out...although Admin believes the board is fully functional as we ask your patience.


Re: Additions/upgrades

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:06 am
by admin
There has been more than a few changes made to The Crispin Colloquy in the recent past--an upgrade to the underlying software to make it "responsive" (able to resize according to the smart phones, laptops, etc.), changes to the interface to add functionality, such as spoiler codes, mentions, and "likes".

Also attached photos will become part of a page gallery that can be flipped through. And it is easier to post YouTube videos now.

Most changes are self evident and those that aren't can usually be understood by mousing over the appropriate icon (such as on the formatting bar in the editing window) or...if worse comes to a question in the 9-1-1 forum.

Re: Additions/upgrades

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:57 am
by admin
One of the best of the new changes/upgrades to The Crispin Colloquy is the ability to manage "notifications".

Notifications are alerts that the user receives when a new post is made to a topic that the user is subscribed to: or a new PM (private message) is waiting; or the user has been "quoted", "mentioned" or "liked."

These notifications can be limited to the forum only or sent via email to to the user.

To manage or activate Notifications the user must click on the word "Notifications" in the upper right-hand corner of the page. A drop-down menu will appear. In the title bar of that menu is the word "Settings". Clicking on it will take the user to a window where notifications can be activated as a forum only "Notification and/or by an email notification.

It is highly recommended that users who wish to be active enable email notifications for subscribed topics, when they have a PM waiting, and when they have been "quoted," "mentioned," or "liked."

It is also highly recommended that all users subscribe to "System Announcements" and, if a member of the Guild, to "The HCC Bulletin Board."